If you're going to talk about coins, it helps to know some coin words. Exergue. The area below the ground line on the reverse of a coin is termed 'exergue' It was the common location for mintmarks or some special legend not part of. A number, in combination with the letters, identifies the size of the coin. For Greek coins, the number identifies the diameter of the coin in millimeters. For. Glossary · Melt Value. Also known as intrinsic value, this is the value of the metal in a coin if it were melted down. · Mint. The primary producer of a. Describes a coin that has never been in circulation. Thus, the coin has no wear. Mintage. The number of coins of a particular date struck.

In the early years of coin collecting, three general terms were used to grade coins: good - when circulation had worn the surface of the coin, but major details. Here are some of the most popular terms that you should familiarize yourself with: · Edge · Effigy · Face value · Field · Mint mark · Obverse · Relief · Reverse. The coin collecting hobby comes with its very own language! Learn all the key terms every keen collector should know with our coin collecting glossary. Bitcoin. $72,+% · Ethereum. $4,+% · Binance Coin. $% · Solana. $+% · XRP. $+% · Cardano. $+. Coin Grading Terms · Proof · Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) / Fleur de Coin (FDC) · Gem Uncirculated (GEM) · Choice Uncirculated (CHU) · Uncirculated (UNC). Glossary of Common Numismatic Terms ; Obverse. The front or "heads" side of a coin ; PCGS. Professional Coin Grading Service ; Planchet. The blank piece of metal. Use our guide to decipher what all the coin acronyms, abbreviations, and jargon are that you see online and in coin reference books. Glossary of coin minting and coin plating technology / [by] Carolina Herrera and Sueli Santos. Series title, Terminology bulletin ; Publication type. Front or face side of coin. This is a coin that has been struck when not centered in the press. Both sides of the coin will have the same blank area. Overdate. The rare coin market has its own terms and slang. Visit for brief definitions of the most frequently used coin collecting terms. Rare Coin Terminology · Bag Marks - Minor abrasions on an otherwise uncirculated coin, caused by contact between coins in a mint bag. · Bullion - Precious metal.

coin disc, the same as "planchet". Bourse - a popular term for the sales floor of a coin show. BN - abbreviation for Brown designation. Brass - an alloy of. This glossary of numismatics is a list of definitions of terms and concepts relevant to numismatics and coin collecting, as well as sub-fields and related. Coin collector slang for a numismatic item that a grading service has not graded and sealed in an envelope. real or reale. A former basic monetary unit. The world's number one numismatic dealer and auctioneer | gold coins, world coins and ancient coins. Coin Auctions. Heritage Auctions. Glossary; Grading. common: Subjective term referring to any coin that is readily available. condition census: A list of the finest specimens of a particular value of coin. Error Coin Glossary. Find definitions for commonly used words referring to error coins resulting from minting mistakes or faulty coin blanks. Blank – A blank of. Our glossary for coin collectors and numismatics provides a convenient introduction to the language of coin collecting and a resource you can return to. A Glossary of Key Coin Terms ; Numismatics, The study and collection of coins, tokens, paper notes, and medals. A numismatist is someone does this as a job or. Very Important Terms Coin: Typically, round flat metal discs issued by the government as money, though shape can greatly varyBullion: Physical silver, gold.

The first step for novice coin collectors usually includes learning the language of coin collecting. Special terms describe a coin's condition, type and. Term describing coins in original, unimpaired condition. Pristine coins are typically graded MS/PR and higher. Private key: A "private key. CLARK GR. Clark Gruber & Co. MINTMARKS. Initial(s) indicating location of branch mint. Various mintmarks follow: C. Charlotte, North Carolina. Gold coins. Basic CoinLedger Terms · Trade: Any buy, sell, or coin-to-coin trade made from one currency to another. · Report: A representation of the crypto-related capital. Stanton, one of our favorite words (really and truly), describing the technique of examining a coin carefully to try to spot extra value, such as a sharply.

Where you can find the meaning of that coin collecting word or phrase We've grown. Now with more and more hobby information for the coin collector. We invite.

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